Spiti : A virgin idyll

There are times that you’ve been planning for a particular travel plan with all the things that you need to do, maps, your favorite random things, everything, and then just like that, it gets cancelled for some reason.There is some kind of force that sometimes blocks your way and prevents those well-planned travels from happening. But you know what? There can be instances wherein you never prepared for a particular journey, yet it turns out to be one of the best that you’ve ever had.This was one such surprise adventure which led to unforgettable memories for lifetime.

What we planned:


What we did(due to landslides and water barrels):


As we started our journey there might me rare chances of me not looking through the windows to gaze spiral roads to dense forest,from apple orchids to never ending scenic giant mountains.

The first attraction was Hindustan – Tibet Road which is popularly known as one of the most adventurous and deadliest roads in the world overlapping the majority of traditional silk route and running alongside of NH-22.

One who is in sangla can never miss quiant village of Chitkul-The last village on the Indo-Tibetan trade route.The drive to Chitkul takes just two hours from Sangla, but the views on the way take your breath away.The freshness of cool breeze,calmness of mountains and clear white sky are rare to find anywhere in the country.It is the best place if someone want’s to have a peaceful talk with it’s own soul.

An old uncle in Kinnaur valley made our day with his omniscience about the place.I haven’t seen best story teller in my life as him.The innocence in his voice describing about the drastic changes from his childhood to dotage made us speechless.As he was explaining the bonds between the people over here and the culture which always stick to their roots,one can easily observe his love and affection with this valley.

Going further due to landslides we just had one option to complete the circuit via manali,that means going again 400 kms back.The Journey was beautiful than the destination which resulted in switching of our mind from work,family,city life to getting lost in beauty of giant mountains and never ending accompanying rivers.As we entered spiti valley crossing rohtang pass,strong water barrels didn’t let us cross the narrow roads.We tried our best with every alternative solutions but failed in every one.Somewhat deppresed with the outcome,we headed back to manali.

While going back my mind was full of thoughts.Why am i sad? Just because i failed to visit one planned destination.No i can’t be.I am not a guy who seeks for destinations while travelling.Gazing the beautiful view from the window with cheeks kissing the fresh air i fall asleep.That was the best Nap of my life!

As we had two more days in hand so we run time planned “Kasol”.As if we planned for Switzerland but ended up going to Amsterdam! And Kasol has it’s own charm.Whatever may be the reason,i haven’t seen such smiling and happy faces in my life.After so many hurdles in the past days,a much needed peace and calmness of nature was needed to end an adventurous trip. Kasol was big at heart to offer this all. Kasol has everything from Reggae Bars to Internet Cafes and cheap guest-houses which made it hub for travel-bugs and backpackers.

Tosh made it icing on the cake with a short trek going within the village with most of the habitat making hurdles for earning there bread and butter on narrow roads.Despite the dropping temperatures, the soul never felt a chill because the people around were the warmest I have ever known.Tosh is also called as hippie’s paradise. There is no place to see in Tosh as such but there’s a lot more to experience.

The biggest lesson i learnt from this was always be ready to shift course. Change is inevitable. Be open and ready to adapt to life’s ever evolving kaleidoscope of possibilities. Sometimes the best experiences are the ones you never would have planned!

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