Go Goa!!

Goa – All wishlist this destination on top of their bucket list!

Everyone has a portray of beaches,night party,booze and foreigners in their mind as the name echos to their ears.
I too had the same until i visited Goa last time.
My imagination widened seeing the tiny things which we miss while chasing the big one’s.
It’s just like chasing your dream without living your present life.

There are thousands of blogs to explain what to do and where to stay.

I just wanted to display an uncommon picture of Goa,for those who are interested in an offbeat Goa.

During my recent visit,relaxing on a less crowded beach trying to concentrate on the sunset without any thoughts in the mind i tried to gaze the surrounding much more deeply.At beach,time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment.This was one such moment!

A newly married couple,held hands as if they were just made to hold each other.At every step they were leaving footprints on the wet sand as a symbol of removing negative memories of there relationship.
Lips were sealed but cool breeze was enough between two souls to communicate.The sound of the waves was ensuring that the message was being successfully delivered between them.If he was a sea then she must be the waves which kept him moving.

A small kid around 2 years was playing tabla on his grandfather’s shoulders as he held him high enough while walking on the sand.His shoulders seemed to be weak but still for that innocent smile he kept moving along from one shore to another.

Two twin sisters trying to build there dream house with the help of moist sand,after multiple try they were able to put the flag on the top of it and there happiness could be felt while describing the different sections to there father.

Clubbing all these incidents into one gave me goosebumps and realized how happiness comes in waves.

Top offbeat things one should include in while in Goa:

1.Clubs aren’t the only thing you need to be hopping while you’re at the party capital of India. Goa has some absolutely magnificent islands around it and most people don’t even know about them!
You’re probably going to have to travel via multiple ferries but trust me when i say this, it’s totally worth the rides! Nestled in North Goa, Chorao Island is probably the one easiest to get to. Complete with quaint bakeries, sleepy Portuguese houses and friendly locals, it’s perfect for a day outing.

2.As it is rightly said,good vibes happens on the tides,so just sit and relax observing the sunset and the surroundings around you with a weightless mind.I prefer less crowded beach,so Arambol is perfect for such experience.

3. With the right mix of both local and international wares, the flea night market in Arpora has something for everyone.If you don’t want to spend money then Arpora Saturday night market is where your spend your TIME lavishly!There’s music and live bands playing,food stalls filling the air with wonderful aromas, colorful things to buy and even more colorful people from all over the world.

4.Play or watch a village football match.Football is the second religion to a Goan. The Village tournaments are fiercely fought.You will see supporters at the top of their voice. Get a beer and enjoy the proceedings.
You won’t be disappointed. You may also join a friendly game if you are good at the it!

5.Goa has some neat casinos that you need to check out. Did i mention that they also float? Since Goa law doesn’t allow casinos to operate on land, they hit upon the interesting idea of locating themselves on water. Mandovi River houses four of these floating casinos and they are a total dream. The Casino Pride is one of the few places that know how to have a good time!

6.Spend some late night hours at Agoda fort just to witness marine drive feeling in Goa. Under the stars,gazing the sky with waves making rhythm in background makes it a must visit place at night.(Do proceed in group for safety reasons.)

Goa is not about covering all the places in one go.It’s all about relaxing on a specific destination without keeping the next one in mind.The collaboration of such destination makes a perfect Goa trip.

To sum up my perfect holiday in Goa,i would say:
A place where one forgets about the outside world.
No future endevours to worry about.
No past commitments to cry on.
Just a bunch of little things to celebrate on.

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